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ISRAEL Day #4: Jordan River, Kursi, Capernaum, Sea of Galilee Boat Ride

In late October I traveled to Israel with a group of 35 other Christians as a part of the Christian Journeys tour with the founding pastor(s) of Lifecentre Church, Barry and Joyce Boucher.  I cannot even begin to put into words how much this trip has impacted my life.

Day #4 began at the Jordan River where those who wanted to rededicate their faith by getting baptized in the Jordan River, just as Jesus, his disciples, and many other have been in history could do so.  This was such a huge moment in my life and in my faith, and one I will cherish for the rest of my life.  From there we traveled to Kursi, the site where it is said that "The Miracle of the Swine" took place (Luke 8: 26-33).  We then traveled to Bethsaida, or the home of Peter.  This is also where Jesus fed the 5000 and healed the blind man (Matthew 11: 21; Luke 10: 13; John 1).  We then entered the home of Jesus, the centre of his ministry in the Galilee, Capernaum.  This is where he lived a substantial part of his life and where he healed the sick, performed many miracles, and preached many sermons (Matthew 9: 1; 4: 13).  The Mount of Beatitudes is where Jesus delivered the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5: 1-8).  We ended our time in Galilee by taking a relaxing boat ride around the sea as a group.  This is truly where I believe our group became one, became a family for the trip.  Such a great day and experience all around.