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ISRAEL Day #7: Jerusalem Day 1

In late October I traveled to Israel with a group of 35 other Christians as a part of the Christian Journeys tour with the founding pastor(s) of Lifecentre Church, Barry and Joyce Boucher.  I cannot even begin to put into words how much this trip has impacted my life.

We began Day One in Jerusalem by traveling to the Mount of Olives and overlooked the city and took in all its Glory.  Sadly we were not able to view the Temple Mount due to rising tensions within the city, but seeing it from the Mount was more than impressive.  We then made our way down to Gethsemane, the site where Jesus prayed at the Rock of Agony in the Garden.  Being in the place where Jesus, Perfection, stood and showed his most human moment was incredibly powerful, and relatable (Matthew 26: 36-56 // Mark 14: 32-50 // Luke 22: 39-53 // John 18: 1-14).  The House of Caiaphus, the traditional site where Jesus was imprisoned; The Upper Room, where Jesus instituted Passover where our next stops.  We ended our day making our way through The Old City to the Western Wall, The Wailing Wall... The Holiest place of pilgrimage for Jews.  Experiencing this holy place was such an experience, one that is hard to put into words.  Such a memorable day one, and days two and three only got better.

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