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ISRAEL Day #8: Jerusalem Day 2

In late October I traveled to Israel with a group of 35 other Christians as a part of the Christian Journeys tour with the founding pastor(s) of Lifecentre Church, Barry and Joyce Boucher.  I cannot even begin to put into words how much this trip has impacted my life.

In the morning we traveled to the City of David and walked through the Hezekiah tunnel and re-surfaced at the pool of Siloam.  The day was pretty intense, because of the unrest that continued to grow all throughout the side of the city we were exploring.  We actually got stuck just outside the City of David because Israeli police and troops were closing off that side of the city.  No worries though, we got smuggled out by two very caring Palestinian Tour Guides.  We then visited the Yad Vashem, the national monument and memorial to the Holocaust.  All I can say is, No Words... No words can describe the heaviness felt walking through the memorial.  Such a surreal experience.  We ended the day in The Shepherds Field.